Our services

MAS Family Day Care Services

Counselling Service

Our counselling service is free and offered to assist educators and families who might be struggling with personal or family issues that could potentially affect their ability to provide quality care for children. All our counselling services are confidential and are provided by a qualified social worker. Our counselling services are primarily part of our “quality of care” plan for educators and families registered with MAS Family Day Care.

What our counselling services do for you?

  • Offer a friendly, non-intrusive and non-judgmental environment where you can freely talk about issues affecting your life that could potential affect your ability to provide appropriate care for children in your care
  • Sit with you and help you see your presenting issue from a different standpoint
  • Explore with you  options with the goal for you to find appropriate solution
  • If possible refer you to other service providers for further assistance

Our Child Well-being Program

Our Child Well-being Program is primarily designed to support children in care with a potential speech, language and behaviour problems. To execute this program, we will engage with, after parent’s consent, a speech, language and behaviour assessments specialist using “scheme funds” to assess children with a potential speech, language or behaviour difficulty. We will also engage with Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA) to facilitate quality service provision for children with developmental delays.