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Our friendly staff have good work ethics and are passionate about maintaining a high-standard learning pathway for children.


Highest quality of child care

We provide the highest quality of child care and education for all backgrounds.


We value relationships

We value positive relationships with children, educators, families, and the larger community


Fulfil every child’s need

We fulfil every child’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional and speech needs.


Free Counselling

Free counselling to educators and families registered with us.


We Support Families

We provide appropriate advice, support and information for families accessing our service.


We are well managed

We maximize our potential in life, by maximizing our time.


We believe in children as future leaders and we believe that all children should be given the best possible start in life. We believe in parents as “primary” caregivers to their child and family day care as the best start for every child’s early learning. And we believe that parents have special responsibilities for their child education and guidance. We believe in building the present and the future for children.

We believe in “play” as an indispensable part of early childhood development. Early childhood development research shows that children learn primarily through play. Play offers the freedom for children to try out new ideas, develop new relationships and social skills and expand their horizon of thinking.